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3 Ways To Style Maroon Tassel Slip-On Flats

3 Ways To Style Maroon Tassel Slip-On Flats

Have you seen all the adorable tassel slip-on flats? I’ve been oohing & aahing over them, and I’m all about maroon, burgundy or wine colored shoes this fall. Recently I added a pair of Secret Celebrity Sweet Dream tassel slip-on flats in a maroon (bourdeaux) color. They’re super cute & perfect for everyday casual wear.

Here’s 3 ways to style a pair of maroon tassel slip-on flats if you’re looking for some casual style ideas.

1. Jeans and a navy top look great with maroon. The back of this long-sleeved top is solid navy and I love the way it pairs with maroon. Grab your favorite skinny jeans to complete the looks.

2. Maroon slip on flats look great with jeans, a black top and poncho. Black also looks great with maroon and this particular poncho with the white, black and touch of maroon really pulled the entire look together.

3. Dark skinny jeans, white t-shirt with the maroon flats, but also throw on a cute striped blazer to dress up the look for work or an occasion when you need to go from casual to dressy.

Three ways to style your maroon tassel slip-on flats, and you can snag these right from Amazon. Overall comfort pretty good after you give them a few wears to break them in. You can also purchase these in taupe and black if you love the style but want another color. You can also view more styles from the Camtrade brand on their website.


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