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A Go-To Casual Fall Outfit Idea

A Go-To Casual Fall Outfit Idea

Without even realizing it most of the times, we all have those go-to pieces in our wardrobe. Those go-to pieces then become our go-to outfits when we don’t even have a minute to really think about what we’re wearing. When I received this denim chambray button-up shirt in the mail last week, I hugged it (just kidding, that’s weird) and said to myself ‘yep, my go-to fall item this year‘.

 mom fabulous

I’ve worn this shirt with my black denim and white denim so far and love how it looks with both. If you haven’t embraced white denim in the winter yet and you’re wanting to, be sure to check out all of these looks for inspiration. Here’s one of my favorite denim and white outfit ideas for fall and winter.

You can also wear white denim with gray and it looks fantastic.

The denim shirt I’m wearing is from J. Jill and it’s their Denim Curved-Hem shirt. The length is perfect on me and I can wear it out, tucked in or the ‘I just woke up like this’ half-tuck look. 

When the weather gets colder (IF the weather ever gets colder) I’ll throw my plaid blanket scarf on and tan ankle boots for a classic winter outfit.

I linked to a few more denim shirts below that are under $50.

 mom fabulous

Did you notice my shoes? I have been dying to tell you about these because the minute I slipped them on my feet, I knew we would be really good friends. They are stylish, comfortable and unique. Plus, they have the best name: Sweet Step Ballerina Flats from Secret Celebrity. If you’re looking for a comfortable new flat shoe for fall, I would highly recommend checking these out.

 mom fabulous

I’ve had a really hard time wearing flats in the past because they tend to give me blisters on my heels. I wore these all day last Saturday out and about and to a birthday party where I was standing quite a bit. They gave me no problems and kept my feet stylish and comfy all day long.

What I’m wearing: Denim Curved-Hem Shirt | Black Denim | Ballet Flats


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