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Felicity Sneakers Winning Rave Reviews

Felicity Sneakers Winning Rave Reviews

After Ellen Peppercorn of That Chic Mom first wore the new Secret Celebrity Felicity sneakers, she described them as being " a dream come true." High praise indeed! Take a look at Ellen's post and see why she finds the shoes so exceptionally comfortable.



Cute Comfy Sneakers I Am Loving


As much as I love a fancy shoe the reality is I spend most days in sneakers. That doesn’t mean I will wear any old sneaker, I want something fun an cute on my feet. The Felicity from Secret Celebrity is a dream come true. These shoes feel like walking on clouds and I put them to the test this past Saturday. I went shopping and was on my feet for 6 hours, and my feet felt great. These shoes go with everything both dressed up and down, they are very versatile.

I chose the Felicity in Pearlized Taupe and I love the look. These shoes have just the right amount of shine with out feeling flashy and gaudy. I can not get enough of these shoes which means I am seriously considering adding them in the Pearlized Ruby to my wardrobe as well. These sneakers are a steal at $49.99 and should be on every moms wish list! Grab yours before they sell out and yes they are true to size!


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