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New Allura Booties a Hit With Tiffany Lacasse of Quirky Mom Next Door

New Allura Booties a Hit With Tiffany Lacasse of Quirky Mom Next Door

The Allura booties from Secret Celebrity got a thumbs up from Tiffany Lacasse, owner of the popular Quirky Mom Next Door blog. Clearly, she loves the new tri-buckle lace-up bootie, part of the brand’s active-ready colection. Tiffany has been on the look-out for comfortable yet stylish footwear and, according to her, Allura fits the bill. Take a look at her new review:

January 10, 2018

I don’t really know how to ease into the reviews where I’m obsessed with the product because I feel like I become incoherent and ramble. Let me start slowly. You may have read my review of the Keyport booties by Secret Celebrity from my fall fashion picks. I adore those booties and I wear them all the time. After getting the Allura boots by Secret Celebrity and constantly perusing their selection, I’ve decided that they are just the best shoe company I’ve come across. I don’t say that lightly. Let me explain…

Allura Boots in Beige

I hate shoes. Or at least, I used to. The average shoe is not comfortable and beautiful shoes are the least comfortable of them all. If it had a heel or even a wedge, I would have told you to put it straight into the trash. Needless to say, comfort is my top priority because what’s the point of owning a shoe that you absolutely cannot wear. Yes, I own a pair of boots that are awesome but make me feel like they are broken. So they are currently sitting at home in a bin under my bed until I have the courage to throw them out. My Secret Celebrity shoes on the other hand sit by the door, ready to be worn, however.

The new Allura booties are part of Secret Celebrity’s Athleisure collection. To tell you the truth, I had to do an online search to see what that actually means. It turns out, athleisure is a fashion trend designed for workouts and other athletic activities. That means, these shoes are definitely made to withstand all of the walking and busy lifestyles of, say, a mom! I can tell you that they definitely hold up to the life with five kids thing.

So comfort is covered, but how are they in terms of attractiveness? Well, I’m getting constant compliments and everyone asks where I got my “cute boots” so I think that speaks for itself. I chose the beige Allura booties but they also come in black and merlot. The merlot is a really rich and gorgeous color, but I knew the beige was a color that I have in short supply. I needed something that would work with the lighter shades of my wardrobe. They’re also pretty versatile. It doesn’t matter if I’m aiming for a casual, business, or dressy look. They go with most of my outfits!

We included the Secret Celebrity shoes on our holiday gift guide because it doesn’t matter if you are treating yourself or a special someone to a pair, they need to be good quality, comfortable, and pretty. You’ll definitely find it with Secret Celebrity. Keep that in mind for Valentine’s Day James! Highly recommended, A++, five thumbs way up!


You can purchase the Allura booties for $69.99 at

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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only.


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