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Shoes that are pretty but hurt the wearer’s feet are a waste of money. Shoes need to be just as comfortable to wear as they are cute to look at. There are a few brands that do not require customers to sacrifice comfort in order to have style.

Rockport men’s and women’s shoes are stylish, light-weight, and feet-friendly. The men’s Harbor Point Lace to Toe sneaker have a classic appearance. The leather upper is easy to clean The ADIPRENE® by adidas sport technology provides shock-absorbing heel cushioning. Rockport women’s sneakers are equally feet-friendly. They are designed to help reduce foot and leg fatigue. ADIPRENE® by adidas sport technology creates forefoot cushioning for all-day footwear. truWALKzero III Stretch 2 Band Sandals feature memory foam footbeds and heel-shock absorption. The truWALKzero Moreza Lace Up sneakers are excellent for ladies who walk or run for exercise. Rockport’s goal is to produce fashionable shoes that people enjoy wearing.

Xero Shoes specializes in light-weight recreation footwear. Their appeal is the “barefoot” feel of their shoes. They recently introduced the Umara Z-Trail Sport Sandal. These sandals have a 3-layer FeelLite™sole for flexibility and FeelTrue® rubber bottoms for grip and abrasion resistance. Umara Z-Trail Sport Sandals have TrailFoam™ midsoles, which disperse force. The BareFoam™ upper layer provides extra comfort. Feet are protected by a shoe that allows natural movement. The sandals are available in Charcoal, Red, and Coffee/Mocha. Feet feel free and unencumbered in them. They even have a 5,000 mile warranty!

Camtrade Footwear sells Soft Comfort® and Secret Celebrity® shoes. Both brands are made for people who want shoes that do more than just look good. Soft Comfort® Pillow Time sandals are sturdy, yet feminine. The flower embellishment adds just the right amount of “prissy” to the appearance of the sandal. Cross Street sandals, also by Soft Comfort®, are perfect for pairing with jeans, khakis, and shorts. Cookie Crumbles and Smart Cookie sandals by Secret Celebrity® are stick your foot in and go footwear. Both styles are almost weightless and very comfortable. They are available at retailers and e-tailers (like

metrostyle sells the Crossvamp Wedge by Dr. Scholls. Ladies who want to dress up without punishing their feet should consider these wedges. They can have the look of a high heel without the pain that normally comes with wearing heels. The curved footbed conforms to the wearer’s feet. The elastic insert strap makes the Crossvamp Wedge by Dr. Scholls easy to put on and take off. Feet are comfortably “hugged” by the wedges.

Vionic’s Fyn Active Sneakers have ombre laces and a breathable mesh upper. There is a flexible, removable jersey-covered orthotic insert. The outer soles of the sneakers look and feel durable. The sneakers’ stability are due to Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles. The EVA polymer is known for having excellent stress and impact resistance. Vionic active footwear features Advanced Motion System (AMS) technology.

Being on-the-go is much more pleasant when one’s feet feel good. Picking the right shoes can make all the difference in the world. There are several brands that prioritize comfort. Look for those brands in retail stores and online.


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