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Secret Celebrity Keyport Boots Reviewed on “THE QUIRKY MOM NEXT DOOR” Blog

Secret Celebrity Keyport Boots Reviewed on “THE QUIRKY MOM NEXT DOOR” Blog

Secret Celebrity Keyport boots are one of the most popular styles in the collection. Both customers and bloggers love them! Take a look at what Tiffany Laccase, who writes the blog, “The quirky Mom Next Door,” has to say after wearing these versatile boots.


October 8, 2017 TiffanyBeauty & Fashion, Clothing, For Her, Gift Ideas, Most Recent, Reviews, Reviews & Giveaways, Shoes, Women’s

I’ve always been under the impression that women are supposed to be obsessed with shoes. Growing up, I’d always see the ladies with giant closets packed with shoes in every style and color. I always just owned a pair of comfortable, durable sneakers and a pair of sandals that I wouldn’t trip in. As I got older, I really started to pay attention to what I wore and realized how important shoes were to the whole ensemble. Fall is my favorite time to exercise all of these crazy shoe favorites like the fantastic selection from Secret Celebrity!

It’s funny to think of how even slightly different outfits call for a certain shoe. I remember asking a friend what to wear with a dress to my birthday dinner a few years ago. She asked me about the cut, color, dress material, and eventually informed me that I needed to wear “black booties”, which made me giggle because I’d never heard of an adult wearing booties. Oh, how little did I know then!

Booties are short boots that go with a lot of outfits and dresses, like my new Secret Celebrity Keyport wedge booties! I got mine in black but they offer merlot, navy, and dark stone which would basically cover you for everything you wear this fall! The wedge is really cute but also super comfortable and easy to walk in. I think that the elastic adds to the comfort and ease of long-wear. The strap is my favorite part of the shoe, I think it gives it that true autumn look!

I was actually really torn on choosing a color because the rich tone of the merlot is totally gorgeous but I felt like the dark stone could go with a lot of different things. The navy would go great with all of my brown and navy outfits but ultimately, I decided that black would truly make my Keyport booties the go-to fall selection and then carry over to my summer date nights!

I paired up my new Secret Celebrity Keyport booties with my maxi dresses first. As the weather cools, I don’t want to wear the maxi dresses with sandals anymore, I want something warm and appealing for my feet. I’m a pretty short gal and the new booties gave me the perfect height boost and really went well with a lot of my dresses.

Then, I wanted to go casual. I feel like a good shoe can make a boring, everyday outfit look more presentable. My simple jeans and long-sleeved shirt definitely looked fancier with my Keyport booties!

My absolute favorite fall outfit is a tunic worn with leggings, a scarf or belt, and a great pair of boots. My Secret Celebrity Keyport shoes pulled that off phenomenally! Comfortable, adorable, fashionable, all of the -ables! Would I recommend these shoes? Yes! Would I buy them in every single color? Definitely! Also, with Christmas coming up, I have to suggest that husbands look into picking them up for your wives. Sometimes all I ask for are boots, makeup, and maybe some outfits to go with them!


You can purchase the Keyport booties for $69.99 at

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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only.


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