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The Secret in My Step Is Secret Celebrity This Fall

The Secret in My Step Is Secret Celebrity This Fall

A couple weekends back, I picked out an outfit that was easy and go with the flow. My husband was out of town and I had to have three kids in two different places at the same time. Running I tell ya! Little did I know that I would received a ton of comments on the simplistic nature of it all! From the shoes to the sweatshirt, people were loving it! So, I had to share with you all — you know, since we weren’t together that weekend. Ha!

The Simple Moms

Ballerina flats from Secret Celebrity // Skinny Jeans (similar) from the Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s // Necklace and Tank were found at a thrift shop // Navy Sophie top from Evy’s Tree

The outfit started with the shoes. I received these fabulous shoes from Secret Celebrity and wanted to know THEIR secret. The only secret, that I’m shouting from the rooftops now, is that they are a hidden treasure that should be in the closets of all! The price point is great for this entire line, the shoes I’m sharing today are currently $49.99 on Amazon. The rest of the line ranges from $22.99 (sandals) to $59.99, and can also be easily found on Amazon. These are some of the shoes I’ll be living in this fall…

The other thing that I loved about these was the “lace up the leg” effect. While I’m no super model, I’m a super mom that need to have fashion that WERKS, if ya feel me. I love the look of the lace up the leg, but not the practicality of it all. So, when I saw that Secret Celebrity had something similar, yet super unique to me and my lifestyle, I was pumped. These don’t dig in to your feet and move very well with you!

Products shown was provided to me for the purpose of this review. Applicable images were provided as well. All opinions are my own.


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